GNK Office of Indian Education

We, at the Office of Indian Education, are dedicated to providing services that will maintain the integrity of our Culture and Traditions, while providing the optimum learning experience for American Indian Students in the Greenway and Nashwauk/Keewatin School Districts.

We are inclusive not exclusive!! We welcome all!!

Boozhool!! ~ Greetings
Welcome to the Office of Indian Education

Our office supports students who are American Indian or of American Indian Descent.
Under federal law - Title VII - a student of American Indian is any student who is enrolled or eligible for enrollment in a federally recognized tribe OR any student who has a parent
or grand parent enrolled or eligible for enrollment.
Our main office is located at the Greenway High School
with support staff who travel to all of our schools.

Services we offer are:

Success for the Future
College Guidance
Big Buddies (Vandyke & GHS)
Cultural Enrichment
Ojibwe I, II, & III
Anishinaabe Quiz Bowl
Family Fun Nights ~ Dinner and Crafts
LIEC - Local Indian Education Committee
Advocating services for Parents and Students between home and school
Special Education Assistance
Field Trips
Academic Counseling
Access to extensive library of American Indian Literature
Contact and Support Staff

If you would like your child to be involved in our programs please contact :
Laurie Eide at GHS  or  218-259-5600

Miigwetch !! ~ Thank You

Contact: Laurie Eide
P: (218)245-1287
F: (218)245-6210
308 Roosevelt St.
PO Box 520
Coleraine, MN 55722