Attention All Freshman!! There will be a class meeting in Mrs. Vekich’s room on Wednesday morning at 7:45. We need to prepare for Greenie Gambol festivities!! Class officers, if you are unable to attend please see Mrs. Vekich prior to the meeting.


Knowledge Bowl practice will be after school today and tomorrow.

Seniors:  Barb Matanich will be in tomorrow to help you with scholarship applications.  Lake Country Power scholarship is due Wednesday.

Students:  pick up your wood shop projects in the lobby. Also, all 8th Graders that did not get a washer game to come pick one up from me.


There will be a junior class meeting on
Wednesday during advisory in the auditorium.


Science Credit Recovery classes is full; students in need of social credit recovery classes can still sign up.


Greenie Gambol is the week of February 12-16! Let the battle for the spirit stick begin!

1. Create the Tin Man out of tin, aluminum, pop cans, coffee cans and that is it! Also, you must include the heart on the tin man with the grad year of the class. Needs to be in the auditorium by 8:30 AM on February 16 and set up on the floor in front of the stage and please remove them immediately following the assembly.


2. The Great Oz Bake Off! Class must create a themed cake, cupcakes or anything delicious and must be related to the Wizard of Oz! Points for Creativity, presentation and taste! Please have that to Student Services by 8:30 AM on February 16.


3. Class Skit with the theme of the Wizard of Oz but geared toward GHS and it will be judged at the assembly on February 16 and needs to be appropriate and about a minute to 2 minutes long.


4. Beefcake Volleyball between grades on Wednesday night starting at 7:00 PM. Points for class representation, sportsmanship and winner of the game. We will also be looking for food shelf donations at the game and we will have a box with the 4 grades labeled on them and the class with the most in weight will win 3 points, 2nd place will get 2 points and 3rd place will get 1 point and last place will not get any.


5. You will also be on the hunt for the Tin Man's Heart because he has lost it and without it his love for Greenway Pride is diminishing! Daily clues will be read starting February 12.


If you have any questions, talk to Jen in student services. The class competitions are for grades 9-12! Let's make Greenie Gambol week a fun one with friendly class competitions!


Congratulations to our 14U JO Volleyball girls on their 2nd place finish at Monticello in their tournament this weekend.

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