Announcements:  01/22/2019

Students:  2nd Semester schedules begin today.  If you need a hard copy, please stop by Student Services.


Zapping the ACT will be taking place in the Staff Development room beginning at 8:30. Please bring your calculator and pencil with you.


Telepresence classes for 6th & 7th hour today will be in room 207.  Do not report to the telepresence room today.


Junior High Basketball will have late practice today starting at 5:30.


Seniors:  Barb Matanich will be in today to help with scholarship applications.


Spring Semester Registration for CIS students will take place today during 7th hour in the staff development room.

Students will need their chrome book, Star ID & passwords.

Qualifying students (Chemistry, PCI, Medical Terminology & Spanish) will report to staff development room at the start of period 7-


Tyler Adamson (chemistry, college alg-CLC )

Mikhara Anderson (Spanish)

Bailee Bildeaux (Spanish)

Brenna Champlin (chemistry & PCI, Medical term

Ava Cogswell (Medical Term & Spanish)

Eli Conaway (Medical term)

Tate Daniels (chemsistry)

James Duquette (chemistry & Spanish)

Alaina Eiden (chemistry & Spanish)

Amber Eiden (Spanish)

Alissa Finke (needs to apply to ICC, grade 8 MCAs)

Micah Gernander (Chemistry & Spanish)

Trever Gravning (chemistry)

Renata Gustafson (chemistry & medical term)

Karley Hansen (PCI )

Holden Hron (needs to apply to ICC, grade 8 MCAs)

William Johannsen (medical term)

Tyler Penney (PCI )

Carlee Plackner (chemistry & Spanish)

Kiara Rantala (chemistry & Spanish)

Hallie Shevich (chemistry & Spanish)

Makena Smith (PCI & Spanish)

Jaime Troumbly (PCI & Spanish)

Libby Vekich (Spanish)

Mitchell Vekich (Spanish)


*Students in Technical Math &Nursing Assistant Class will register for class at later date.



The grand opening of the School Store is Friday during lunch! Use your PRIDE Bucks or cash to buy clothing, drinks, and school supplies!"


FCA this week will be in Mr. Fort's room Wednesday morning at 7:45AM.



After School Credit Recovery Classes for both Math and Science are being offered for 2nd semester.  Classes will begin the week of Feb.11th.  Please register in Student Services if need of either of these classes. 


Good luck to the boys’ hockey team as they take on the Int’l Falls Broncos at home tonight.


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